Bistro 7107, VA ★★★★ 1/2


It’s been about a year since I last posted on my foodie blog.  Almost a year of some great and not so great eating around the DC area.  With all of these great gastro debauchery, I am excited to report of one terrific place I just recently visited and dine in and its name is Bistro 7107.  More on the name later on.

1157721_10200846846508379_1789948082_nBistro 7107 is a newly opened Filipino restaurant in Crystal City, VA.  The place is easily seen off the street and sports a spacious outer patio which is not being used at the moment.  As soon as you walk in, you see a quaint if not smallish establishment with the requisite booths and accompanying small tables.  The place seems clean enough and the wafts of Filipino food was certainly in full force.  There is a bar but alcohol is not served yet.  The owner explained that the liquor license is pending and that’s certainly good news.

The service was prompt and friendly; the waitress was congenially encouraging and efficient.  For drinks, we ordered kalamansi juice (Filipino citrus fruit) and they were delightfully refreshing!  For entrees, we ordered the crispy pata (crispy pork feet) and the ukoy (fried shrimp fritters with sweet potatoes).

945408_10200846846628382_1612201647_nThe entrees arrive shortly afterwards and nicely presented.  Impressive.  The crispy pata was heavenly and was nicely crispy with flavors that will surely beat even the gold standard of crispy pata  – Barrio Fiesta in Manila.  The skin was delightfully crispy and crunchy and we were pleasantly surprised by the portion size.  Nice indeed.  The meat was softly cooked with flavors as pleasingly delicious as one expects from the dish.  The soy vinegar and cooked tomato were perfect complements.  The ukoys were nicely flavored and borders on just being okay; maybe a bit more crispy might have saved it.

For dessert, we ordered the buko pandan (young coconut with Pandan gelatin) and the ube jalaya (sweet purple yam with toasted coconut flakes).  Very very nicely done, but a bit more on portion size should have been the perfect ending to a great meal.  The owner is friendly enough as he came over to our table and so we spoke to him afterwards and offered our praises for a very recommendable eatery.  Well deserved praises indeed!

Bistro 7107’s namesake is taken from the 7,107 islands in the Philippines.  That’s a lot of islands.  At Bistro 7107, there’s a lot of great tasting food that should easily warm the hearts of your every Filipino aching for the food from home.  If the bar had alcohol and the desserts portions were a little bit bigger, I would have no qualms giving the place the full monty, the whole big fiver, but as such, I’m being very very impartial and I am whole-heartedly giving Bistro 7107 a  joyous 1/2 stars out of five.  Please go, no run to Bistro 7107 and fill up on your Filipino food, not via the same old same old styrofoam served combo deals, but with the real sit-down restaurant feeling only Bistro 7107 can provide in the DC area.  Awesome place 🙂

Bistro 7107
513 23rd St S
Arlington, VA ‎22202
Phone: 571-312-4155


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